Israel's Maniv Mobility Fund : Investor Lunch


March 21, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Join Maniv’s Fund Manager Michael Granoff for lunch with OurCrowd focusing on the movers behind Israeli automotive technology. Maniv Mobility is the only fund dedicated exclusively to helping Israeli innovators build companies commensurate with the size of emerging opportunities in transportation. The fund envisions a world of autonomous, on-demand, electric mobility, operating as a service at a fraction of what consumers spend to move about today. As attested by its existing portfolio, Maniv invests in vehicle architecture, connected cars, autonomous tech and mobility service models, primarily early-stage and primarily in Israel.

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Portfolio Highlights

Open cloud platform that connects vehicles and the data they generate to a rich ecosystem of apps, offering a wide range of services to vehicle owners while allowing them to maintain control over the data they share.

Deep learning based system that allows perception of the environment around a vehicle, offering significantly better performance than current generation solutions (like Mobileye) on the same applications. Partnering with several OEMs including one that has made an investment to build autonomous functionality.

Enabling real-time driver feedback by using users’ smartphones as a smart dashcam. Nexar records and identifies risky driving behaviors, reading license plates to create a database of driver profiles. This helps to encourage safer driving while providing value to third parties such as insurance companies.

Developing sensor for autonomous vehicle applications that is neither radar nor lidar, instead using micro antennas to detect light waves, thereby offering unmatched resolution and adverse weather functionality at very low cost.

About Maniv:
Maniv Mobility is helping to expedite the new age of advanced transportation technology, including safety, business model innovation, and vehicle autonomy (“driverless cars”). We believe that in the 21st century, the public should not have to endure the daily tragedy of automotive fatalities, the frustration and productivity loss of traffic congestion, and the polluted air and public space that slow-moving and parked cars bring to our urban centers. In the last 20 years technology has made information and communication ubiquitous and close to free. In the next 20 it will do the same for mobility. We work with start-up companies, entrepreneurs, financiers and others to overcome the hurdles that will herald a grand new age.

About Michael Granoff:
Michael founded Maniv Investments in 1997. Through its subsidiaries, Maniv Bioventures, Maniv Energy Capital and Maniv Mobility, he has been associated with dozens of startup enterprises during that time, and many successful exits (including Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (NASD: IRWD) and Metabolix (NASD: MBLX). Michael was instrumental in the creation of Israeli venture fund ICV (with over $150m under management), and serves on its advisory board. Through Maniv, Michael played a central role in Better Place, the electric car network company, as an investor, board member and executive. Through that and related experiences, Michael has developed a deep network and keen understanding of the automotive industry. Michael has a BA from Tufts University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and a JD from Northwestern School of Law.